We have identified a unique niche in buying notes secured by luxury, high-end, exquisite owner-occupied homes. This is an enticing opportunity to acquire control of cash flows with high yield and low risk. Click here for more information.

We also buy Non-Performing Notes (NPN) secured by commercial real estate with a focus on distressed property that can be repaired and repositioned for higher and better use. The exit strategy to redeem the investment is to sell the property or refinance with long-term institutional debt. Our investment generates conservative yields and points, and we lock-in strong protective equity and cash flow margins to ensure redemption at the conclusion of the project. These opportunities are only for private financiers who can decide and act quickly, often require closing the transaction in less than 15 days.

As a private financier, you are paid before we are paid. We structure the investment for us to receive a percentage of the cash flow and the redemption, after you receive your agreed yield.

Looking for great deals can be hard work. You must find them before other investors. This could mean a lot of work for you especially when you are already busy with other interests, such as your business and personal life.

Investing is all about making your money work for you. Your money works for you even when you are sleeping. We manage the investment work for you, while your money is working on autopilot for you. Another name for that is “Mailbox Money”. You just walk out to your mailbox and pick up your check. (Actually, we can directly wire your investment proceeds into your bank account.)

You could try investing directly in real estate without help from a professional company like us. The only problem is that looking for great deals, managing repairs and renovations, selling the property or managing rental tenants can mean a lot of work to you. Working with us is your advantage, because we work with professional real estate entrepreneurs who handle all of those details. You choose between various opportunities, wire your funds into escrow, and then collect your “mailbox money” each month.

A professional investor must be familiar with the market. Unless you have been investing in real estate for a long time, then you must start by developing a business plan, finding financiers, then you must conduct extensive research to find out where to put your money, then build your power team of professionals, and then execute the business plan. We find and qualify real estate entrepreneurs who are already set up for that.

On the other hand, working with a real estate investment company enables you to leverage their experience to your advantage. We specialize in real estate investments, because we live and breathe the world of real estate. We are very familiar with the current trends in the market, which helps you minimize spending your valuable time on research.

Please understand that looking for great deals also requires a significant investment in time to filter out the bad deals and find the great deals. Our real estate investment company already has the marketing channels, business procedures and systems for finding and qualifying great deals. Our automated marketing strategy includes direct response marketing on the internet to capture the widest audience. Our business procedures and systems qualify both the note Payor and the property according to conservative investment criteria that reduces risk.

The typical yields on our projects vary between 8% up to 14% or more, all backed by solid real estate with strong protective equity and cash flow margins. We vet the project to be sure that the note Payor has strong financial capacity.

Buying stock in a company is pure speculation. Unless you are investing in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the stock market, your investment in the company’s stock won’t affect the company (your money doesn’t go to the company). You are speculating that the stock price will rise, but the problem is that you are buying the stock from someone who thinks the price will decline.

Investing in real estate in a safe and sane way will minimize the speculation factor by requiring strong protective equity and cash margins. In the event of default, the note Payor is at risk of losing the equity. The note holder simply forecloses and sells the property for cash to someone else to recover the investment plus costs. We handle all of the details to manage the investment by monitoring the project, and handling any issues through our attorneys and accountants. Private trust deed investing is a proven investment strategy that outperforms the stock market.

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