I offer consulting services to provide business advice regarding structured financing of real estate. I can work with you to analyze property financials, to design financing structures for acquisition or refinancing, to collaborate with commercial mortgage brokers and lenders, debt management and negotiating debt reduction, and to review offers to buy or sell.

I can provide individual or group educational presentations, and speaking engagements at seminars or webinars.

Downloadable Courses

If my consulting services are too expensive or not a good fit for you, then I suggest that you start with my e-book “Millions in Nothing Down Real Estate” at

From there, you can decide whether to learn how to financially analyze larger properties with:

Or you can explore various strategies and tactics for wholesaling, lease-options, buy/sell notes, etc.

Lease-options are becoming far more difficult due to Dodd/Frank regulations and more litigious tenant-buyers.

I think a more prudent style of investing is safer and more profitable, that is based on cash flow without the risk of ownership.

Part 1:

Part 2:

That is why I don’t pursue lease-options anymore. I focus on retail flipping of owner-occupied residential homes.

Many people have purchased my courses and a few have done exceptionally well, even with the smaller earlier versions of those courses. Of course, there is only a 60-day money back guarantee on the downloadable courses, and no promises of earning anything at all.

Most people lose money by sticking the course on a “digital shelf”, thinking they will get around to it later; that’s their problem, not mine.

Private Transactions

I receive a profit on the pre-negotiated private transactions that I offer to my clients before the general public sees them. You will see the entire financial structure, and therefore my profit margins and yields are pre-negotiated to offer value for your investment. If you are unable or unwilling to accept this arrangement, then do not try to negotiate or buy my deals; must politely decline and move along. There are plenty of other buyers who appreciate the value of my deals, and they won’t waste my time.

I kiss the frogs to find the prince so that you don’t have to.

I build my lists of seller and buyer leads through highly efficient online automation processes. I collaborate with other list holders to acquire contractual control properties, and to assign the control to buyers.

In Las Vegas NV and Longmont CO, I am currently only focusing on nice detached Single Family Residences (SFR) in nice areas. These SFR are “move-in ready” (some may need a weekend of professional cleaning). Although I can find profitable deals in condominiums and townhomes, they tend to have less profit and more tedious negotiations compared to SFR.

My business model is delivering SFR to owner-occupant buyers with 10% down payments or to landlords as long-term rentals with high Cash on Cash Returns (CCR) and strong Debt Coverage Ratios. I have a good list of experienced professional property managers who can manage these long-term rentals for the “hands off” landlord.

These SFR are delivered with long-term, fixed-rate seller financing that is structured as wrap-around notes and all-inclusive-trust-deeds (AITD).

I have too many seller leads begging me to take their property; I need more landlord and buyer leads to take these deals.

Contact me to pre-qualify for my private Buyers Club to see my private transactions. If you qualify, then I will place you on my Buyers Club list free-of-charge.

Please email your full contact information and your “sweet spot” investing criteria.

Property type, size, location, cash on cash return.

Private Consulting

My initial interview fee is $250 for one hour to determine your needs for private consulting.

My private consulting services are usually scheduled by contract at $500 per hour, limit 2 hours per month, plus an initiation fee of $3000 and a conclusion fee of $2000, plus a percentage of each deal that I help you to negotiate and close. These types of consultation arrangements are intended for project duration ranging from two months to two years, seriously involving aggressive acquisitions.

These deals can be fix-and-flip, fix-and-rent, and opportunities for my clients to finance note or property deals at double-digit yields.

Please understand the “Rule of Thirds”: 100 leads will reveal about 30 (one-third) suspect leads that are worth a closer look. Of those 30 suspect leads, about 10 leads (one-third) will become prospects, and you will make offers in the form of non-binding written Letters of Intent (LOI). Of those 10 LOI, about 3 LOI (one-third) will accept the LOI. Of those 3 accepted LOI, about 1 (one-third) will actually close to make money for you. 100 leads cross your desk to convert into 1 profitable deal. In these days of low interest rates, easy qualifying, and highly inflated prices the success ratio will be much lower in finding the right distressed seller and the right property to qualify for your solutions. There is too much easy cash chasing questionable or ridiculous deals. Finding that “needle in the haystack” is very difficult with so much noise out there.

I must caution you that I’ve tried to coach/mentor people who started out very enthusiastic, but gave up after less than 10 failed attempts to find a profitable income property.

I understand that “real life” sometimes gets in the way for our goals; minor course corrections are inevitable.

You can only create wealth by acquiring properties (control or ownership) from truly distressed sellers who need your solutions to solve their problems.

That means in this business, you must be prepared to kiss a hundred or two hundred frogs before you find a prince.

This is why I now charge upfront fees and equity percentages for my consulting to compensate me for wasted time with “tire kickers” or people who just can’t go the distance.

There is no money-back guarantee, because I won’t risk my time and effort, when so many people are unable or unwilling to commit, or when things just don’t go right for whatever reason.

Bad things happen to good people, so accept responsibility for your situation and just deal with it.

Commitment means accepting responsibility for your results, both good and bad.

You are where you are because of the choices you have made.

Life is all about managing risk, not hiding from it behind money-back guarantees and blaming others for our own faults.

This means that I can “fire you” by terminating the contract, and you are responsible for paying any fees earned up to that time as detailed in the contract.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.” — Jim Rohn

“A winner is a loser who tried one more time.” — George Augustus Moore

For my consulting services, I want to explain briefly my point of view:

  1. I don’t offer accounting, legal, or tax advice.

  2. Legal information is not legal advice.

  3. I may provide forms or documents that have significant legal ramifications.

  4. You bear full responsibility for obtaining professional advice regarding any forms or documents, regardless of the source of those documents.

I am not an “order taker”; you’re not ordering a hamburger and fries, and expecting a guaranteed meal exactly the same as everyone else gets.

I will be your private consultant.

For a fixed introductory cost of $250 per hour, I will speak privately with you to learn your situation and goals; payment is required before the interview.

Then I plan a course of action for you with a commensurate compensation contract. You have the opportunity to read the contract, take it to your attorney or whomever helps you to make decisions, and then decide whether you want to proceed.

If you decide to proceed with e-signatures on the contract, then the contractual payment schedule begins, which always includes an immediate initial payment.

Your results are directly proportional to the quality and consistency of your efforts, and subject to market forces.

You can make no mistake and still lose; that’s called real life.

I am not a guru; I don’t offer “payment plans” at outrageous triple-digit interest rates.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

If after reading all of that you will want to proceed, then please go to our support page to inquire about my available services by clicking here.