My name is Jeffrey D. Smith. I am a professional real estate syndicator. I create great real estate deals and use cash from my private financiers to acquire, reposition and stabilize, then refinance or sell the property to generate great returns for my private financiers.

Let me give you a brief summary of my background.

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Who Can Participate in Syndications?

There are circumstances that allow investing by an individual who is not qualified as an accredited investor. The lesser standard of qualification is called “Sophisticated Investor”. A sophisticated investor is not yet an accredited investor, in terms of income and net worth, yet has the financial literacy, income and experience to understand the risks of investing.

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Who Can Participate in Syndications?

We can accommodate Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (SD-IRA) funds. Your retirement funds grow at an accelerated rate and can be secured by a hypothecated lien on the subject property.




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